A comprehensive review of Fu Zi processing methods

One of the methods I was interested in was the method for Huang Fu Pian. I found a method in the Huo Shen Pai Book火神派扶阳第一要/Huo Shen Pai Fu Yang Di Yi Yao Yao/Fire God Faction Support Yang Number One Demand Medicine about Huang Fu Pian

Huang Fu Pian/Huang Pian – Clean the Fu Zi, classically you would boil it in the mother liquid, steep in clean water that is repeatedly replaced until toxicity is reduced, eliminate the peel and any remnants of the root, cut into even slices, then use gan cao, sheng jiang, hong hua in equal amounts to make a medicinal liquid for soaking, dry with heat source, and then sun dry to completion; as a result of this process the Fu Pian slices should become yellow, therefore it is known as huang fu pian. End product is cross cut, has a circular or possibly oval form, without peel, has a protruding tumor that is the trace of the root. Diameter is 3.5 to 4 cm, thickness is 0.4 to 0.5 cm. Whole surface is yellow, cut surface can have polygons that are attributed to cambium rings, without oily face, only a glossy feel, opaque, some places of production use a red 5 pointed star stamp. Slight smell, bland taste, possibly has a slight prickly feeling in the throat.

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